Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You Don't Need DSLR Camera to Have Perfect Shots.

           Today, I'll share you my dear readers my photos just using my Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot Camera. I'm always envy to my friends who have a DSLR camera. I thought having this cool gadget will make my photos beautiful and good But I found out that it's not true.

        In 2011, I bought this Sony Cybershot ( I cant afford to have a DSLR so I just bought the cheaper one). At first I was noob in using my new camera but later on,  I'm starting to love my shots. It's always been a frustration of me to become a photographer someday (my friends as models as well :P). Photos below were the results of my very first click.

Very simple shots yet I find it so cool. And the best thing about -- they both love the shots. :) 

Months passed, I used to master my camera's functions. Wherever I go, I'm always with my camera. Here's some of my best shots using my camera.

The MOA Eye-- SM Mall of Asia
My niece and cousin took pose in our province. So cute!

A friend of mine, May Ann. I used to put watermarks 'Denxo's Craft' every time I post my pictures.

I also capture food. I so love macro photography.

My niece in her emo days. HAHA I can't believe I captured her like this one. 

I called this shot as the balloon vendor. I guess you guessed the title already. It's obvious. 

I really love this shot. I shot this when I was so down and alone.

I shot this when I went home in Mindoro. They're so happy .

       These are some of my shots that I want you guys to see. It's very simple and not that amazing. But trust me, these pictures really mean a lot to me. Even though these are not that captivating, whenever I see them, it always making me smile. The bottom line here is that, It's not the gadget who makes you a photographer. It's your passion for it. Having just a point and shoot camera makes me feel like I'm one of those pros.

I may not earning money with my photos but I'm earning smiles and friendships. Photography means a lot to me. Not to impress people but to express and to capture every moments I have with my family, friends and the earth. You don't need to have a DSLR to be a photographer, you have to have passion and love for it. 

"Having a DSLR doesnt make you a photographer, DSLR owner perhaps
Have a blessed week! :) 

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