Monday, March 7, 2016

My 2016 Watson's Sun Warrior Color Run Manila Experience

That was February this year, when me and my officemates agreed to join this Watson's Color Run Manila . Idk. Ive been joining run but I never expect that this will be the coolest run ever in my life.

When I finally got my race kit, I felt very excited. The kit came up with a sun glass, a race shirt, sunblocks, bib and a race accessory. All that for Php. 950.00, but yeah it was all worth it. And we chose to run 5k lang.

We arrived 3:00 AM but the program started around 5:30 AM. (that was quite late)
 I didnt have sleep at all HAHA. But I think this run is not made to know who runs fast but for everyone to be happy and enjoyed life under the sun. 

I realized that me and my three officemates who joined were all single. How ironic na ang Color Run  Manila nalang ang nagbibigay kulay sa mga buhay namin! HAHAHA. So picture doon, monopod dito. Buti nalang at andoon si Yassi Pressman. HAHA! 

The race started with so much energy and fun. So this is not a typical run, it has a lot of twists and obstacles like water blasting, crawling etc.

A photo posted by Dennis Atienza Matchimura (@denxoholic) on

A photo posted by Dennis Atienza Matchimura (@denxoholic) on

To sum up everything, the race was fun to do with your friends, it's fun to be a kid sometimes. I recommend also this to everyone who wants to have a tight bonding with their family. I went home full of color stains all over body, but the experience I gained in joining this race is one of a kind experiences i did in my life! Thank you Color Run Manila! I'll join again next time! :)

This is one of my favorite parts of the race! Party while dancing Chainsmoker's Roses and Tove Lo's Habits
HAHA super enjoy! Also this simultaneous throwing of colors. Ugh! Ang saya! (paulit ulit?) HAHA Sali tayo next time ulit guys! :) 

A video posted by Dennis Atienza Matchimura (@denxoholic) on

Have a blessed week! Share your photos too! God bless everyone!

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